From J.L.

Dear Dr. Glass and Staff,

After breaking my tooth the previous night, I thought it was going to be a long pain staking process that would drag out for weeks, with numerous visits to crown my tooth. Fortunately for me, that did not happen

I know what a burden and added stress to you and your staff an emergency office visit can be, that is why I am writing this letter. The professionalism and quality of care for you patients from you and your staff shows me why you are the best dental office in town.

The technology that your office has is second to none. The treatment of a CEREC crown for my broken tooth was painless, and was completed the same day. You not only saved me time from numerous office visits, and a temporary crown, you also saved my tooth.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for a painless and pleasant experience. My fears of losing my tooth were washed away in on short visit to your office. Thank You!

From S.S.

Dear Jerry,

It’s been four weeks since my latest crown was done and I thought you’d like to know that the procedure you used has worked out extremely well. The crown is not only comfortable but cosmetically pleasing, too. Thank you for this and all the other fine dental work you’ve done more me over the years.

From C.F.

Dr. Glass,

We really appreciate you fitting me into your tight schedule and getting all of my dental work done. This ensures no delay in starting the radiation and chemo therapy. Everything seems to working fine. Thanks again!

From R.B.

Dr. Glass and Staff,

I wouldn’t have believed it unless I experienced it for myself. CEREC technology is nothing short of a miracle breakthrough in dentistry technology. I have had three crowns done in the past and I was in unbearable pain each time. The last time the post treatment trauma pain lasted 2 months. I complained to my colleagues at work and they suggested CEREC with Dr. Glass. Pessimistically, I had my first one done. I was dumbfounded with the result. The result was the best dental appointment in my life. If you need this technology, do yourself a favor and have it done today.